Saturday, 10 October 2009

Reprieve Fail Human Rights Standards Yet Again

In Iran, Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani was sentenced, last Thursday, to death for seeking to restore the monarchy in Iran, and for taking part in the protests surrounding the unfair elections. He has been sentenced to death on the charge that he is a 'mohareb' (one who wages war against God), for 'insulting religious values', for 'propaganda against the regime' and for 'participating in a demonstration whose aim was to act against the security of the state'. Further details on this can be found at Azarmehr and the Telegraph.

Somehow, it is very hard, if not impossible, to grasp the claim that exercising one's right to freedom of expression (as protected by Article 19 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) could amount to waging war with God and insulting religious values; however, this is a common charge used as a smoke-screen for the IRI government to silence the voice of dissent. The ensuing death sentence is a blatant violation of Article 19.

Today, 10 October, 2009, is World Day Against the Death Penalty. Amnesty international, amongst other NGOs, has commemorated this day and has expressed serious concern at Ali Zamani's sentence. Reprieve has failed to condemn Ali Zamani's death sentence, which is another IRI abuse of human rights; bearing in mind the fact that Reprieve stands against the death penalty.
As posted previously, Ms Algar of Reprieve failed to respond to my e-mails concerning her omission of Iran's abuse of torture laws whilst she attended a Press TV funded and broadcast programme dicussing torture. A pattern is appearing before us: first Reprieve fails Iranians on Press TV, and now it fails the newly condemned in Iran - on such a day!

For how long shall we allow a human rights organisation, such as Reprieve, to conduct selective human rights campaigns? Ms Algar has been given many opportunities to speak up for Iran, yet she has not; neither has the rest of Reprieve.

Voice your concerns and complaints, contact Clare Algar, the Executive Director of Reprieve in London. Her e-mail is


  1. They are against death penalty as long as the person sentenced is not Iranian! Shame on Clare Algarve who appeared on Press TV, had she said something in that program then this may not have happened.

  2. Clare Algar should be ashamed of herself as she has no respect to Human rights dignity and respect for the voiceless!

  3. And I wonder what Reprieve has to say about the 'Child' execution of Behnood Shojaei...That's right, nothing! Even though his execution breaches international law - 'Convention on the Rights of the Child', the execution of persons who committed a crime when under the age of 18 - Reprieve remains silent.

    Reprieve is going to have a lot to answer for, and such will be soon.