Monday, 10 May 2010

International Media Awards, 2010

It was with great honour that I had the privilege of attending the International Council for Press and Broadcasting's 'International Media Awards', on Saturday 8th May, 2010, at the Oxford and Cambridge Club, Pall Mall, London. This was established by 'Next Century Foundation'. I attended this event as a nominee for 'The Special Award for an Outstanding Contribution to New Media'.

Potkin Azarmehr, the winner of such an award in 2009, had generously recommended me; I was then short-listed by a panel of 'seventy journalists and media professionals', which resulted in my nomination and attendance. I am grateful to Potkin for his support and recommendation; when I had brought it to his attention that I was thinking about blogging, he responded encouragingly. Therefore, without Potkin's kind recommendation, I would not have had the benefit of attending such an event, filled with all sorts of learned and interesting people.

However, more importantly, I wish to thank my Creator - 'God' - for providing me with the passion, ability, beliefs and experiences that have brought me to where I am today. In addition, I thank my mother, for she has always believed in my writing ability, and never ceased in her encouragement that I put such 'abilities' to good use. She has provided me with unequivocal support through my education, and she kindly sponsored my Masters degree. For all the grief a son like me may have given her, she has always stood by me. After having met Potkin and concluded that blogging is a useful means in spreading information, I recalled my mother's unfettered ecouragement for me to write; thus, I chose to unleash my understanding of the power of words. Without God and my mother, I would not have had the honour of publishing to all you good readers, nor would I have consequently given a speech on a panel of learned fellow-speakers before state and media representatives at the United Nations in Geneva back in February, 2010.

I do not seek fame in what I do; it is the constructive change, brought about the dissemination of information that I seek to be a part of. There are two types of weapons in the war against injustice: i) 'arms of destruction', such as guns and explosives; or ii) 'writing instruments', such as the pen, or keyboard. I believe that writing insturments are more effective in the long-term, given they inspire change by the process of intellectual reasoning, rather than cause forced compliance. Forced compliance may only provide short-term benefits, before the forced become the forceful and all manners of retaliatory chaos and violence ensue. The pen surely is mightier than the sword.

In all fairness, this event has brought to my attention that my efforts have been noticed, and that I should not falter, for there are people in the world who are interested in and/or care about the quest for Truth, Justice, and Human Rights. So, I thank you all; thank you for taking the time to read my posts. Thank you for your comments and criticisms. Thank you for sharing your findings with others. It is with enthusiasm that I encourage you to continue reading, debating and sharing information with everyone, for such is the best means in ascertaining Truth and Justice.

Last, but certainly by no means least, thank you Homayoun Mobasseri of Neda for a Free Iran, you have been a very inspiring, motivating and supportive friend and comrade in the fight for the implementation of human rights for all people, world-wide.

It is sufficient for evil to flourish when good people do nothing.


  1. Aw well done Mehrtash, very well deserved.


  2. Douglas Donegani10 May, 2010

    Keep up the Good work Mehrtash.



  3. Anonymous10 May, 2010

    I am glad we had the opportunity to meet at this special event.
    looking forward to reading you blog

  4. Mansor Pooyan10 May, 2010

    Well-done and congratulations.

  5. Anonymous10 May, 2010

    Well is truly well deserved and you deserve the recognition. I hope you continue to fight for what you believe in as it hasn't gone unnoticed. The worlds and ignorant place at times and it needs people like you to open our eyes
    Congratulations once again!

  6. Anonymous10 May, 2010

    Dear Mehrtash, first I do thank God for you and all His blessing, when we are connected to His Light and Guidance, His Glory of Truth and purity will shine and speaks through us, and this is why we are asked to be aware of His presence by opening our heart and ignoring our ego… for doing so we should try with every breath we take to be in touch with the centre of our core of our being, The Light of God which is in every one of us. I wrote that because you too are gratefully thanking God for simply acting in our small life, and you know it’s my favourite subject anyway. I do thank Potkin for his recommendation, his winning was well deserved I visit his blog everyday, and the support of Homayoun and mostly I admire all who are using their abilities, efforts and their passion to flourish the Human Rights, Justice and Truth, wrapped in the glory of Love, around the world. We are all small creatures, and I wish with love and standing against our ego, make the world a better place for each other on this beautiful planet. God bless you all.

  7. Mehrtash Jaan,
    A well deserved recognition and I do thank you for mentioning my name but I am not sure why, as I don't think I have done something special, but again thank you and keep up your good work

  8. Dear Mehrtash,
    All well done and all well deserved. You are our pride and I am so honored to be a part of a Human Rights organization working with you for democracy in Iran. Keep up the good work.

    Peace and light,
    Shabnam Assadollahi

  9. Anonymous24 May, 2010

    Well done star....

  10. Anonymous24 May, 2010

    well done. you deserve it all. May God bless you and keeps you safe in His kindness and glory. amin.

  11. Anonymous27 July, 2010

    Oh dearest, it's so nice to read this :) sorry for such a late comment but I have not been on your blog for a very long time... It makes me feel so happy to know of your nomination. Your writing is like a mirror of your soul and I love that soul so much!
    Congratulations and all the best for the future.

    Love and freedom