Friday, 13 March 2009

Tolerance Overkill

It is a good thing being tolerant in honour of upholding democracy and freedom of speech; however, it is aberrant to be tolerant whatever the circumstances. Whatever one's view is of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, one should remember not to bite the hand that feeds.

To live in the UK is to enjoy the many rights that would otherwise be prohibited in other countries (see Iran, Saudi Arabia, China etc). The right to freedom of expression and free speech, as protected by international law (U.N. Doc. A/6316 Article 19 ICCPR 1966) and domestic law (Article 10 Human Rights Act 1998) is a common right exercised daily by everyone in the UK.

It is a blatant abuse of such a right when people stand and mock the very sense of pride and civility - attacking one's inherent right to patriotic support and welcoming their troops back home - by chanting abuse and insults, such as "Go to hell" and "Anglian Soldiers - Butchers of Basra" at the soldiers. "Coward Killers" was the really amusing slogan, as wasn't it the extremists that scheme on blowing people up in civilian places that are the real coward killers, these soldiers are fighting them in Afghanistan!

Are these people so deluded and ungrateful that they take for granted a right they so easily received from a country that they are not native to; a country that accepted them from another country and culture, where they would not be at liberty to exercise the right to free speech even in its tamest form; a country that recognises their right to religion and thus assists in erecting religious grounds alien to the common faith of the British people in accommodating them? These people are shameful and abuse the freedoms that come with inhabiting this country. Tolerance is not for such a motley crew, prancing with their abusive placards. We need stringent laws on public order and a protection of a sense of nationalism (which can easily be achieved without being accused of being racist).

When troops return home to their country, they should rightfully be welcomed by the people; in serving their country they have fought under the cold stare of death, as it was their country who ordered them to fight in the first instance. Whatever the motives for sending British troops to the Middle East were, soldiers are soldiers and are obliged to obey the orders of their country; even if it does not agree with their conscience. When they come home, they are to return to the loving embrace of Britain and her people, be her people Brits from different ethnic backgrounds, or Brits from a line of ancestors who lived within her isles.


  1. Soldiers are to carry out the orders of those above. I hope that their signs are directed towards those making decisions and not towards the men and woman who would be protecting everyone here if need be. I personally have praise for decent soldiers.

  2. Unfortunately, these ungrateful bigots are directing their signs at our soldiers; it is evident, just read the signs they hold in the above pic.

    Praise all the way for our soldiers - they're the ones who signed their life away to the committment of protecting Britain from hostility.

  3. Thank you for putting this in black and white for others to see. I am disgusted, at the lack of respect the soldiers have received when they are merely following orders. They fight for the freedom of all that live in Britain regardless of nationality, colour,or religion.

    If these people do not like living in Britain , then perhaps they should think about relocating back to the country they were born. They forget the reason they live here and all the freedom that comes with it including such perks as free education, free speech and being looked after by the government. They would find living conditions 100 times worse in their country, not to mention in many of these countries, they would not allow this demonstration and the demonstrators would have been beaten, taken to jail, or killed. Carry on the good work.

  4. Anonymous 2, thank you for your comment. It is a startling irony that these bigots are using free speech in abusing the very soldiers/system that fought for such liberties to remain in Britain in the first place. Had soldiers not fought before and today, we may have lost the right to certain freedoms, including free speech.

    I totally agree, if one does not like things in Britain, relocate!

  5. Ha ha how helairios !!!! we should relocate ! YES! I AM THE ULTIMATE!!!BWAHH HAHAHAHA

  6. Why is that 'hilarious'? Perhaps you could start the relocating trend for us?

  7. Well, I'm glad you at least have a 5th grade education. Because I can't figure out how anyone after graduating the fifth grade would actually respond to political grievances by saying "if you don't like Britain relocate."

    And furthermore, soldiers are not soldiers first, especially in a society like the UK's. They are citizens, first and foremost.

    Why don't you look up the many IDF forces and other Israeli soldiers who defected from the army after being ORDERED to bomb civilian locations or other questionable targets. They are soldiers too, but fortunately they retained their humanity and didn't exchange it for patriotism.

    Someone like you deserves no place in Britain; you are against freedom of speech even though you claim you are not. You call it an abuse because you don't like what they're doing. Suck it up - these are the fruits of a free society.

    If you don't like it why don't YOU relocate!

  8. Well, if yobs such as yourself end up taking over the country then I might have to relocate as there won't be much of a Britain left.

    Furthermore, a society is free because everyone can respect each other - there is no need for curtailing one's rights in order to achieve peace. However, with such goons and their placards insulting the integrity of the soldiers, the fruits of a free society bear worms, as the freedom in the society is corrupt by its abuse.

    Your rhetoric serves only to make a mockery of yourself.

  9. First of all, don't get me confused with the anonymous above me (the one with all the exclamation points and who spelled hilarious wrong). Second of all, I did not intend to post as anonymous - my name is BARMAKID. Say it with me - BARMAKID. Good job.

    Now, where did you get the naive idea that a society is free "because everyone can respect each other." Hahaha... I mean it would be ideal, but again, hahaha.

    Do you hink the people that voted against President Barrack Hussein Obama respect him? No, they call him a nigger and a secret Muslim who wasn't even born in the U.S. Is that respect?

    Secondly, you associating what British soldiers fought for in the "Great Wars" with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan makes A MOCKERY OF BRITISH HISTORY - and not to mention, your supposed education.

    I really can't understand how ravaging a far away society with war and economic misery increases British freedoms, or protects them for that matter. I can't understand it because it makes no sense. In fact, conducting these wars have made Britain more vulnerable (the train attacks) and has caused their citizenry to protest in the fashion you are currently denouncing.

    You're a propaganda puppet buddy. How you got a law degree is beyond me - but hey, at least your mother's proud of you.


  10. Mixing the 'errors' of government politics with soldiers doing their job and getting abuse for it is simply mixing apples and pears.

    I got my degrees from studying and using my intellect; something you clearly have no ability in.

  11. Have you ever had an apple and pear salad? They're quite tasty. Also, I would recommend adding oranges to the mix - great combination.


  12. Barmakid has arrived. Have fun! :))

  13. "Do you hink the people that voted against President Barrack Hussein Obama respect him? No, they call him a nigger and a secret Muslim who wasn't even born in the U.S. Is that respect?"

    Or its simply because they don't agree with his views, or because he has "little" experience, or its because of the shady business practices he used to get to where he is. These are all also legitimate reasons why people voted against him.

    Aren't sweeping generalizations great :)