Thursday, 20 January 2011

"Let this Land...Go Up in Smoke"

The late Supreme Leader and founder of the Iranian ‘1979 Islamic Revolution’, Ayatollah Khomeini, maintained in his 1980 speech in Qom, Iran:

“We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah; for patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land burn. I say let it go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world”

This so-called ‘Iranian Supreme Leader’ – is actually not of Iranian blood at all but rather of Kashmiri origin, whose grandfather fled India in order to escape the ‘colonial rule’, settling in 'Khomein' in Iran. His above pitiful statement of treachery conveys that he cared not for the land he was 'empowered' to rule; he cared only for his understanding of Islam; and now, his reprehensible threat of sending Iran up in smoke has materialized.

Due to Ahmadinejad’s showcased support for the Palestinians in what is really nothing more than a ‘public relations’ campaign for the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), Islamic States have increased their anit-semitic rhetoric in demonstrating their love and support for Ahmadinejad. They praise him as being the ‘Islamic hero who defied the West’. The reality, however, is far from this fallacy. When the IRI has the second worst human rights record in the world, it illustrates that Ahmadinejad could not serve the best interests of the Palestinian people when he and the rest of the IRI government have treacherously forsaken their own people in Iran. The result is that Islamic unity strengthens outside of Iran, and external agents increasingly support the IRI government.

Ex British Prime Minsiter Tony Blair’s sister in law,
Lauren Booth has converted to Islam and serves as the dedicated employee of the IRI government's bias news agency ‘Press TV’, for which she receives a very generous salary. Yvonne Ridley, the previous chief reporter of the UK paper ‘Sunday Express’ converted to Islam after being released from her capture by the Taliban – she now works for the IRI’s mouthpiece, ‘Press TV’. On 11 February, 2010, Ridley took part in an event at ‘UCL’, a renowned London university; the event celebrated the anniversary of Khomeini’s coming to power in his Islamic revolution in 1979. Despite the human rights abuses advocated by Ahmadinejad, including his introduced legislation that sentences to death anyone who converts away from Islam, Ms. Ridley has expressed how she is " a fan of Mahmoud Admadinejad who is adored by the common man and woman in Iran".

The cost of meat and other foodstuffs has risen exponentially; government subsidization has been severed; and salaries have not increased in years, rendering families unable to meet the rising costs of living. The national airline ‘Iran Air’ has been neglected where mechanical maintenance is concerned since the time of the Shah. Pilots are forced to carry out their flight roles, despite the warning lights that flash in the flight cabin. The IRI answer was to disable such warning lights. The result - more and more ‘Iran Air’ planes fall out of the sky; the last one to have fallen was on Sunday 9th January, 2010.

In addition to the many sufferings inflicted on the Iranian people, the inequalities within the legal system have become further unscrupulous. Parisa lost her husband, Sohrab, to cancer seven years ago. She has two children from him and they all live in what was once the family home. Leyla is Sohrab’s surviving sister and Parisa’s sister in law. Leyla has sued for ownership of her deceased brother’s and Parisa’s home. The law has granted Leyla with possession of Paris’s home, even though Leyla was not by any means involved in the purchase and maintenance of the house. Leyla bribed the judge into granting her ownership of Parisa’s home for her own greedy investment. As a result, Parisa and her two children are now to be made homeless simply because the IRI courts support and encourage greed over truth; corruption over equitable rights and justice.

Whilst 'Islam spreads in the rest of the world' and unites in supporting the IRI government, Iran suffers to the point where her people turn on each other in order to survive; national airlines fall out of her sky due to State neglect of their maintenance and servicing; as her population chokes on the thick smog that engulfs her cities. Iran is quite literally ‘going up in smoke’.

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