Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Truth About CASMII

Please take the time to visit the official CASMII site and judge for yourselves whether there is something that does not seem right with them.

CASMII is an acronym for Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran. CASMII actively lobby for no foreign interference in Iran, no sanctions and no military intervention; that the people in Iran should be left alone to deal with their [abusive] government.

This might seem like a very good idea at first; however, if one investigates a little further they will find a startling problem, and possibly a distasteful reality. As CASMII argue, military intervention is not good because it’s the civilians who suffer mostly. General sanctions hurt the people too; so neither is a constructive approach to addressing the issues in Iran.

However, Smart sanctions that target the government officials and their assets is the way forward in coercive diplomacy. Yes, theoretically the Iranian people should be left to determine their own government and handle their affairs autonomously; however, the problem is that when they try to they are either tortured or executed for ‘waging war against God’ or ‘insulting the supreme leader’. Even the right to freedom of expression is stifled in that many newspaper companies have been shut down and the owners arrested for merely questioning the government’s approach. In contrast, how outraged would the British be if in the UK a newspaper company was shut down for questioning the government over their expenses fiasco?

According to countless United Nations documents on the human rights situation in Iran, the government of Iran oppresses, suppresses and abuses the human rights of the Iranian people; such constitutes violations of international law, and renders the Iranians powerless to act. In such a case, it is the duty of the international community to intervene in upholding and enforcing such laws. The fact that CASMII call for the non-interference of the international community offends the very civic and humanitarian duty of the human family. It appears that CASMII are lobbying the world to sit back and permit the continuation of human rights abuses in Iran - surely this is the type of lobbying in the West the IRI government would approve of and support?

Kaveh Afrasiabi drafted an article, criticising the BBC documentary on the death of Neda, that followed in the protests against the disputed June 12 Presidential election in Iran, as "80% propaganda". Afrasiabi offers a lamentable and inaccurate account of the abuse and manipulation of the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of Neda, and attacks the medic who attempted to resuscitate Neda on the scene as if he is a suspect.

As one finds, Afrasiabi's article has been posted by CASMII on their official website. Serious concerns are raised when a lobby group calls for no international interference in Iran, and posts such an article, which serves to defend the IRI regime against the charges that the IRI authorities were responsible for the chaos and brutality that plagued the Iranian protestors. Furthermore, Afrasiabi sits on the CASMII board of advisors.

This all serves to portray CASMII as an IRI platform in the West, who is not in the least bit concerned about the human rights of the Iranian people in Iran.


  1. CASMII and IRI will go to hell SOON....VERY SOON and they will take their allies all enemies of iran, both western and eastern with them... WE TRUST IN THIS as WE TRUST IN GOD....

  2. If Human Rights is the fundemental issue, you must have not have read the CASMII History and Core Values section carefully. It clearly states I quote '' Our core values respect for human rights and a democratic state, in particular freedom for expression, freedom of press, an independant judiciary, equal rights for women, ethnic and religous minorities in Iran.'' With regards to the comment above, as an Iranian one should have respect for organisation wich oppose the IRI. CASMII is constucted of many Iranian and non Iranian academics and as an organisation deserve praise rather than pety taunts.

  3. Anonymous, forgive me for saying this but your comment is a naive one. The Constitution of the IRI also states that it has a high regard for human rights and the equlality of women; it further outlines the right to a fair trial in Iran - but they have proven to break their own laws and constitution, as has been witnessed by the international community; documented at the United Nations office of the high commissioner of human rights; and experienced by the millions of Iranians inside and those who had to flee Iran.

    Now, CASMII may well state that human rights etc are at their core values - but their behaviour - just like the IRI - proves otherwise.

    It is not what the theory is but rather what the practice is - the IRI and CASMII have proven to practice contrary to their 'core values'. At one of CASMII attendances at a SOAS public talks, a CASMII member argued that the human rights situation in Iran is not the most important issue. See

  4. Naive is somewhat of a incorrect conclusion of my previous comment,I believe you yourslef mentioned on your previous blog, once again I quote '' In any event, the Iranian people should be under no illusion, they themselves are the ones who have any real power in bringing the change they want in Iran. To wait in hope of some foreign government assistant would be futile.''This to me shows your idealogy is rather inconclusive and contradictory. You've made a relevant refrence to A Member of CASMII, let me highlight that for you A MEMBER has made a inadequate judgement of his own. I believe and I am quite sure many other believe, that one person does not account for all. I for one neither like nor dislike the CASMII, but one cannot and should not compare the disgusting and ilegitimate IRI to any opposing organisation.

  5. My learned friend, it is not contradictory at all, for there is a pertinent context in which you may have failed to observe - if this is a result of my failure to articulate myself clearly, then forgive me.

    There is a difference between the international powers' duty to enforce international human rights laws, and the Iranian people in Iran sitting back waiting in hope for a leader to emerge. They are their own leaders and have, to some degree, the potential to overthrow a reprehensible regime.

    However, this does not mean the international community should refrain from 'interfering', in enforcing the very laws they drafted to protect human rights. Yet, CASMII campaign for the non-interference of the international community, which serves to benefit the IR government, and not the Iranian people and their human rights.

    Thank you for honouring me with your constructive criticism. I hope that this response has clarified my point for you.

  6. Bravo Mehrtash, what a well written piece.

    CASMII are traitors and Islamic Republic lackeys. One need only look at their prominent members...Seumas Milne, Abbas Edalat, Haleh Afshar, Kaveh Afrasiabi, Hooman Majd, etc to realise that the entire front is a veritable who's who of Islamic Republic stooges and apologists. Disgraceful.

    And they dare place Dr Mossadeq's picture on their home page? He would turn in his grave to see his country being sold out by such swine. RIP.


  7. CASMII is in bed with IRI...just recently, Sorraya Seahpour, a CASMII member and "so called" human rights activist attended Ahmadinejad dinner reception and said Admiring words about the illegitimate ruler of Iran, despite all the killings he has committed since June 12, 2009. Shame on these traitor who would even sell their mothers for money!