Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Truth Corrects Lies

Given this blog is in honour of truth and justice, whenever something is brought to my attention that appears to contradict truth and justice then I will highlight it.

PressTV, an IRI funded TV channel, was present at the Campaign Iran event at SOAS University. The narrating journalist, Uzma Hussain, reports:

'earlier, hecklers tried to hijack the meeting, fast turning it into chaos...'

In support of Hussain's report,
PressTV footage of the event is shown, whereby the viewer sees a man surrounded by people, speaking passionately to the panelists; then the next clip conveys another man being dragged out of the event room whilst talking.

It is worth correcting this misleading footage and report, given the man speaking to the panelists was doing so after the event had been brought to its scheduled close, and the people gathering around the man were interested in what he had to say.

As for the footage of the chap being forcibly removed from the event, it was shot as he had asked a quesiton during question time, where he mentioned the struggle of student activists in Iran. The panel cut him off as they did not like his question and he was thrown out because he continued his point until he had finished. The panel demonstrated a blatant disregard for the right to free speech as well as the right to express a view contrary to theirs. They appeared to only accept questions that resulted in an answer in their favour; echoes of the attitude endorsed by the government of the IRI.

Thus, more lies presented by IRI television, as the footage does not present images of two men heckling and trying to hijack the event, nor did it take place 'earlier' in the event.

What is presented is a nasty script - IRI television crew; a bogus report; the presence of CASMII in hosting the event; and the forced removal of a silenced member of the audience. The stage is, thus, set for another political fiction.

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