Friday, 30 April 2010

Humanity vs Goliath

The IRI will corrupt and further betray the rights of women through it's abuse of power during its undeserved seat on the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) for a four-year term, commencing in 2011 and ending in 2015. The relevant UN document can be accessed here; this was further reported by Fox News.

Evidently, the United Nations has conveyed it is comprised of nothing more than politically corrupt hypocrites. By permitting the IRI - a great subjugator of women, and the second worst human rights transgressor in the world - to sit on the CSW, the UN has demonstrated that they are nothing more than corrupt politicians who care not for human rights. Their grossly erroneous move serves to belittle and disregard the arduous efforts of campaigners for gender equality and the advancement of women; the UN has turned its back on the women who the state ordered their
slavery. In doing so, they have betrayed the victims of gender discrimination; they have betrayed their mothers; they have betrayed their daughters.

A husband has the right to execute his wife if he witnesses her engaging in adultery, whereas a woman would receive the State-sanctioned death sentence had she caught her husband engaging in adultery and consequently murdered him (See Radhika Coomaraswamy - “Report on Cultural Practices in the Family that are Violent towards Women”, UN Doc. E/CN.4/2002/83) - and the UN deemed the IRI acceptable to sit on the CSW.

The government of the IRI are not just serious transgressors of human rights of their own people (Iranians), they are also heavily anti-semitic. The UN has welcomed a Jew-hating
warmonger, who indescribably oppresses women, onto their 'Commission on the Status of Women'. This serves to add insult to injury against the already floored and bleeding body of human rights.

As a learned friend from
UN Watch stated, "So long as there are corrupt and non-democratic countries, the UN will reflect that". However, is it worth all the human rights violations? Some argue that the UN is a sham organization, and that it should be disregarded. This, too, is a fallible extreme. One must ascertain the reality that the UN is the body for governments around the world; with or without us, they will proceed with their corrupt dealings. We must strive to exert the most overbearing pressure on the UN to isolate transgressors of human rights, such as the IRI, from membership of any branch of international human rights agencies. We must strive to be the 'thorn in their side'; we must unite as the arm of humanity and take on the 'Goliath' of the corruption of the UN. If people disregard the UN, then the corrupt governments are half-way to the ends they have so corruptly and dishonourably schemed to reach.


  1. Douglas Donegani07 May, 2010

    Dear Mehrtash,

    We can't make direct deputations to the UN but we can file them with the governments of our countries and Cc the submissions to the world, including the Planetary media, so they can't be ignored. Indirect lobbying can have much more power than direct lobbying and the power comes from the make up of the Cc list and in some cases the Bcc list.

    Just call me David

  2. Indeed, which is why I am advocating a relentless and persevering approach. One must not give up in their direct/indirect lobbying.

  3. Dear Mehrtash,
    You have hit the nail on the head!
    I think The only way to fight this evil is by raising the awareness of the good people of the world community, and having them to pressure their politicians to pressure Islamic Regime to comply with international human rights,
    We have to let the world know in Iran a woman's life is worth half of the man and man's left testicle is worth half of the man(blood money) so by construction a woman's life is worth and is equal to that of a man's left testicle, this is coded in Iran's law;
    Now this type of mentality is supposed to preserve and promote the Status Of Woman