Sunday, 14 June 2009

Persians Retaliate, The Movement for Justice Commences

After Ahmadinejad had his false victory, the Persians realised the facade of the regime and its so-called democratic election, and took to the streets in demonstrating their frustration; enough is enough.

However, as usual, the clampdown on silencing any act of protest or demonstration was under way with the usual brutal acts of violence by the IRI authorities.

As the IRI henchmen flocked with their batons, they were met with the might of an oppressed people's swift hand of retribution - the henchmen were now the pursued. Demonstrators chased them away, throwing stones and other missiles at them in freeing their comrades from their violent grasps.

As reported by the very young Iranian protestors in Iran today, they managed to get a hold of one of the IRI henchmen who was violently attacking the protestors. They then gave him a taste of his own medicine and beat him. What surprised them was when the henchman pleaded for his arabic. It transpired that he was not an Iranian national, nor Iranian by heritage. Another case illustrating that the IRI recruit assistance from outside of Iran to further their violent and oppressive regime.

Being the descendants of Cyrus the Great, these true Persian protestors (heroes) responded humanely, by stripping him of his weapons and releasing him. We Persians lead by example, whilst the IRI betray our rights and heritage.

It has started; let it not be in vain, for the struggle must continue for it to be effective.

Javid Iran.


  1. unforgivable crime!!!!!!!!!! justice...we want justice...carter from hell? ..or UN from his sleaves?!!!!! NO.. Justice will be done SOON by IRANIAN STUDENTS..with the GLORY of GOD... i beleave in it strongly.