Friday, 21 October 2011

A Sad Day for Humanity

Yet another murder to add to the list. If we treat our oppressors/murderers by murdering them, then we are no better than them. We prove to be just as evil as they were. Where is the justice? No human has the right to decide who dies; those who make that decision serve to incinerate the very fabric of humanity. Gaddafi wasn't even tried before a competent court for what he was accused of.

In being captured he should have been arrested, and face trial - that is the undeniable rule of international law, as well as the international law on the status of combatants and prisoners of war, as enshrined in the [forsaken and offended] Geneva Convention.

It is disgusting what people had to suffer under Gaddafi's rule. It is equally disgusting how we can let our emotions and hatred rule our intellect and have us act lower than animals by willfully drawing blood from another human being through reprehensible acts of violence.

Further disconcerting is that this assault on humanity has been celebrated, and paraded by newspapers with distasteful captions. Society is being ever-corrupted into a base state of thinking, where addressing political problems by dropping bombs and taking lives in blatantly disregarding the laws concerned is welcome by ordinary people. The international laws on the treatment of prisoners of war and combatants; the right to be free from torture, cruel or inhuman or degrading treatment; and the right to be tried before a competent court with the right to appeal have been disregarded by the very agents who claimed to protect and enforce such laws. The 'pot called the kettle black'.

A sad day indeed.


  1. I agree 100%. I was disgusted at the way this was handled...barbaric and no better than the way he treated people. They ultimately proved that they are no better.

  2. Mehrtash, nice blog. Keep posting.