Saturday, 1 August 2009

UK Green Movement Near Extinction?

Another panel presentation and Q&A session at SOAS, Khalili Hall; however, on this occasion it was no ordinary mundane session. Panelists comprised of the award-winning blogger, Potkin Azarmehr; Mr Ahmad Vahdat....[cannot recall second part of last name]; Dr Khonsari; and Dr Ali-Reza Nourizadeh. The event was established by the London followers/organisers of the 'Green Movement'; as a result, the decision makers of the London 'Green Movement' were present, seated within the audience.

First and foremost it must be mentioned that, unlike the previous panel sessions that took place in London pertaining to the situation in Iran, today's seession offered constructive and practical suggestions. Azarmehr
clearly and unequivocally brought to the audience's attention what ex-pats can do to support the people of Iran, as well as combat the IRI and their platforms here in Britain:

1) PressTV, an IRI media platform, based in London (Hanger Lane) - boycott them and expose to the general public. Nothing is more effective than education and prevention.

2) IRNA - boycott them

3) IRI apologists who promote the IRI, such as Haleh Afshar and Mehri Honarbin, should be boycotted and exposed.

4) When MPs, such as George Galloway of 'Respect' suggests that the movement in Iran is nothing more than a bunch of northern Tehran rich kids, and is not to be taken seriously he should be made to take full responsibility.

5) Expose the corrupt business ventures of Nokia and Siemens to the public and launch a boycott until they make amends. Azarmehr illustrated this point robustly with the example of the boycotting of Barclays Bank by regular, non-political, bankers in protest against the bank's role in South Africa during apartheid.

6) Support NGOs pertaining to human rights.

There is so much pressure that can be put on the accomplices here outside Iran; we just have to care. The power of us acting in unison cannot be broken. Taking a united stand will serve to strengthen our bonds and get us closer to our goal. In addition, Azarmehr rightly argued that we should also involve people who are not Iranian in our campaigns (just as the Barclays Banks protestor was not African nor black). The situation in Iran is more than merely an Iranian problem - it is global. Ahmadinejad is a radical Islamist who would pounce at the opportunity to 'Islamify' the world and annihiliate Israel; furthermore, he was not voted in as President by the people of Iran. The problem is self-evident.

An illustration of the beauty of humanity - Mr Ahmad Vahdat spoke purely on humanitarian issues; he held up photos of murdered students in the recent protests, and a photo of Shariatmadar, a barbarian who tortured and brought death to the innocent. He ended his speech eloquently, describing the colours of the Iranian flag:

"Green, for the people's movement, striving for justice and freedom...Red, for the blood of the innocent that has been shed...and White (which comes in between the two colours), the purity and light at the end of our struggle".

Towards the end, the event took a nasty turn; it appeared that 'members' (the reference of 'members' is used loosely) of the London Green Movement could not hide their disputes and in-fighting from the attention of the audience. It further transpired that some people wish for the Green Movement in London to draft and endorse a constitution, and to establish a board; they even tried to gather votes from around twenty people! This is a grave and fatal error; the Green Movement is not an organisation, nor must it become such. It reflects the will of the people in Iran, and, thus, embraces all who want their sabotaged votes honoured, and their rights upheld; for those who want justice. The Green Movement shall become nothing more than another failed political organisation, joining the exhaustive thirty-year old list of failed egos, if a leader, board and constitution is implemented.

Water is effective and flexible because it is free to flow
and adopt the shapes of its containers; take away that freedom then water will lose its essence. Do we really want the Green Movement to lose its essence?

In any event, if a few egos form a Green Movement 'Party' here in the UK, it is doubtful as to whether it would be able to influence the true Green Movement in Iran. The true spirit of the Green Movement is alive and active in Iran, for it is the people in Iran. All that ex pats can do to be part of the Green Movement is to control their egos and their lust for power and recognistion, and to support the freedom fighters in Iran. Freedom cannot be codified.

Payandeh Iran.


  1. Mehrtash Khan, you are playing your role quite well, if i must say.
    well done.

  2. Mehrtash, Great Blog. As I am sure you know George Galloway represents Respect Party and not Lib Dems. Hopefully, with his disgraceful behaviour in Big Brother he has offended enough of his muslim fundamentalist supporters not to be re-elected at the next general election.

  3. Thank you, Anonymous - silly me, shows how much I know about politics. I will make the necessary amendment. The problem with some people today is that they choose to forget certain things in order to maintain support or power.