Sunday, 30 August 2009

A Reflection - Today's Visitor

I seek to defend, not to persecute. I seek to build, not to destroy. Medicine seldom tastes sweet; however, the bitter truth tastes good when there's a belly full of lies. No one should have to suffer trespasses against them. Human rights is ours, everyone's. Some may take offense by what I say; but do not be offended, for the greater interests of humanity is what I hold dear and closest to my heart. I cannot retract my statements on this blog, for I would betray everything I stand for; I would betray humanity.

You all have a soul; some of you may have lost touch with it, clouded by emotions of anger, violence, rage, the lust for material gain and dominion. But if you delve deep, you may just be able to reconnect with your true selves, your source, and find your returning path to the light. Why fill your hearts with hate, when you can be strengthened by loving peace, for is not peace the ultimate objective?

Here I bear arms for human rights; instead of inflicting blows of violence, I whisper words of humanity, for humanity overcomes bullets and bloodshed. The delicate touch of the eternal spark is triumphant in illuminating the darkest of passages.

Threatened with violence and pain,
undeterred I remain.


  1. We will make an example of this uncalled visitor

  2. What the hell are you talking about?

    You are the only person I have ever known who talks like he lives in some majestic time period where you can sell your morality to everyone else.

    Puhlease, you want to be useful? Then how about you stand up for ALL people who suffer from lack of human rights, not just the ones whose government you happen to oppose.

  3. There are two sides to every argument; SZ offers their wisdom as the other side.

  4. I oppose those governments that violate human rights, and since there are many countries as such, it would be tantamount to taking on the world - impractical. Best start with one, and one that is closer to home.

  5. Devil's Advocate02 September, 2009

    It is a bit poetic, but there is some beauty and truth in it. Keep the fight alive, and ignore the likes of SZ - don't let this scum bring you down. So what if you're fighting only for human rights in Iran and nowhere else, you are Iranian, no? and at least you are fighting for human rights. what is SZ doing, other than posting criticism on every blog that begs to differ with Islamic Iran?