Monday, 16 November 2009

Neda Was Shot into the Hearts of All Human Rights Conscious People

The murder of Neda Agha Soltan reverberated throughout the globe. She was not the only one victimised by the brutality of the IRI authorities when marching in protest for freedom and justice. Yet, her name echoes internationally; so much so that Queens College of Oxford University has heard it and has, as a resut, established a graduate scholarship in her honour. Italy has even named a street after her in the capital city of Rome.

The Iranian people will not forget this barbaric act, amongst the many other heinous acts of betrayal of human rights that have taken their toll since the fraudulent election during the summer of 2009; let alone the past thirty years. Consequently, Neda has been used to symbolise the struggle for democracy in Iran. Various groups have endorsed her name as the forefront of their quest for human rights in Iran.

I have had the honour of working with various human rights organisations; but never for them. I choose to remain a servant of humanity; I work for human rights, and what I refer to as 'truth and justice' - that is my campaign. At present, has been brought to my attention, which is solely a human rights non-governmental organisation. They seek to raise 'public awareness exposing human rights crimes, and promoting the understanding of it'. They strive for this by publishing informative articles, hosting events, drafting petitions and connecting viewers to other informative sites via links.

Some may argue that articles and petitions are ineffective; every little helps, for doing something is better than nothing. Articles facilitate the expansion of education and understanding of any particular subject; petitions are a means in voicing an appeal and presenting it to the international big-wigs. I recommend a visit to this site, and others like it; what I like mostly about this NGO is that it has no political affiliation or bias - it focuses solely on human rights. What humanity do we have left when we no longer care nor fight for it?

When the bullet that penetrated Neda was shot, the marksman behind the trigger shot her into our hearts forever; he fuelled the flames that rage within all the hearts of those who call for human rights and freedom. Our cause has become relentlessly stronger.


  1. Once again you put the words together, in harmony ,to the best way of your passion for justice and humanity ,buzzing every one conscious , touching the hearts of all to the centre of their core…..I normally give a name to friends and family which would suit them, in your case, reading your blog in particular this one, I call your blog SOJAH “ symphony of Justice & Humanity” . I read the last paragraph over and over and I wished the UN and the 5+1, all governments, with their eyes open could read your blog (like Neda died with her eyes open) and with their heart listening to your symphony so shaking them right to the centre of their core as your passion for justice and humanity comes genuinely from the centre of your core. God bless Iran, God bless you.

  2. Anonymous - thank you for honouring me with your kind inspiring words of encouragement. Be sure that it is the very positive energy that you send that gives me strength to pursue the path in which I have chosen to venture.