Friday, 1 April 2011


The concerned blog post has been deleted due to the highly sensitive misunderstandings that arose from it.

I felt that where the Nuclear issue pertaining to Iran was concerned, the documentary sensationalised the issue to some degree...However, I whole-heartedly agree with 'Iranium's' correct depiction of the treacherous and oppressive regime that is manifest in the 'Islamic' Government established since the 1979 revolution when addressing its persistent and unrelenting reprehensible human rights violations. Like many of you, I hope to bear witness to its downfall, with freedom and a human rights respecting government serving the Iranian people instead.

I apologise for any offence or confusion the post had caused.


  1. Iran is where the heart is03 April, 2011

    I haven't seen the documentary, but any documentary that promotes an invasion , or a need for international involvement in Iran through any reasoning (which is usually uranium) through propaganda against Iran is against the good of the people of Iran. By you making your statement on where you stand, I was in no way under the impression that you did not condemn the horrific human rights violations committed by the fallacy called the "Islamic Republic of Iran". Am not sure what caused you to retract your blog post but, I think many Iranians need to part from the false dicta of "my enemies enemy is my friend". Such documentaries are poison for the cause we need to fight for.

    This fallacious dicta is present to all misled groups: for example I had a huge debate with a certain person present in Brunel, on the Libyan issue. She felt that if she needed to stand against imperialism, it meant, she had to support Gadaffi! I find this logic to be insulting and ignorant. Yet, unfortunately many only see certain issues as two-dymentional.

    I hope to one day see the downfall of the tyranny of the 'Islamic Republic', yet without the involvement of any foreign power, and I know you feel the same. Lets hope there is no second Guadeloupe.

    Further, I do think that you as an activist for Iran, whom I respect, should maintain your independence from such groups and further your work for a better Free independent Iran (Even though you think am a spy;) )

    To round up, I hugely respected you for that announcement and I see no need for you to retract it. It is the sad truth about these things, certain groups will use an end for their own means.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    The documentary, for the best part of 45 minutes implicity made a good case for war against Iran, but it ended by presenting an alternative path to war - to support the people in Iran in overthrowing the IRI via 'democracy'...I leave you to make of that what you will.

    Where groups are concerned, I agree with you and have committed to my decision to remain independent.

    I agree with your view on the two-dimensional attitude that 'my enemy's enemy is my friend' for the very reason you illustrated. One should never compromise morals in order to combat evil, for evil only begets evil.

    I certainly hope that more people with your way of thinking take up the activism, replacing us fallible activists.

    God Bless.