Thursday, 21 July 2011

In I

In search of warmth, I embraced the cold.
In search of the sweet, I tasted the bitter.
In seeking hope, I experienced despair.
In seeking power, I became powerless.
In search of knowledge, I met the ignorant.
In search of freedom, I became imprisoned.
In finding you, I lost myself.
In search of love, I was seduced by lust.
In being selfless, I became selfish.
In finding faith, I disbelieved.
In loving, I was hated.
In giving, I was robbed.
In embracing, I was struck.
In laughing, I shed tears.
In being honest, I heard lies.
In search of honesty, I found deceit.
In being earnest, I met the superficial.
In serving the greater cause, I was belittled.
In search of fulfilment, I found emptiness.
In being loyal, I was betrayed.
In being wise, I looked the fool.
In making friends, I gained enemies.
In search of protection, I was left vulnerable.
In search of culture, I was alienated.
In being me, I was misunderstood.
In writing, I am expressed.

Mehrtash Rastegar, 28 April, 2011.

1 comment:

  1. Are you still angry?
    It is good to look back and find out what has happened and why you are so disappointed,
    then it is good to move on and not to hold a contempt for what ever happened,
    if you like you can connect with me
    and we can have a fresh start
    after all your thoughts are very close to mine
    Love & Peace