Friday, 21 June 2013

Sensationalised Ignorance vs Educated Opinion

I stumbled across this post on Facebook, and being a supporter of women's rights in the pursuit of securing gender equality in the world, I gave it the time of day. 

Unfortunately, I was deeply saddened to see the sensationalised text inciting more hatred towards a particular religion during an already fragile time. With the Western world peaking in it's hatred for a religion it has misunderstood, thanks to a bunch of numb-skull society-rejects who are hell-bent on wielding sacred scriptures of a faith in order to unethically utilise it for violence to further their own demons. 

Permit me to bring to your attention the first couple of errors (spin) on the picture: not only is the face in the picture not of 'Atefeh' , but some other poor person being murdered by the government of the IRI; but also whoever mastered this 'spin' clearly failed to have the decency to remember how to spell her name and so misspelled it ('Atehah') in the paragraph below the pic.

Furthermore, and more importantly, as you can see the text concludes with "This is Sharia Law". Well, therein lies the bone of contention, for after much study I can confidently tell you that it most certainly is not Sharia Law, nor is it remotely in accordance with the Sharia. The authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) routinely flout international human rights law, but also they contradict the very Sharia they claim to rely on - there is no hanging in the Sharia, nor did they follow the stringent evidential requirements to establish any 'guilt'. A robust proven example of this has been detailed in the following post published a while back. A lot of people were commenting that this is Islam and that it's an evil religion. So, a few groups of people commit atrocities in the name of religion and suddenly they are the official representatives of that religion? Are we truly that intellectually disadvantaged? 

And to those who endorse the ignorant attitude that other religions are better, remember the massacre at Srebrenica; how the Catholics and Protestants fought and killed each other; and how Christians murder Muslims in Africa; so-called Christian hatred targeting homosexuals; the countless UN Resolutions on Israel's breaches of international human rights legislation concerning Palestine... but you don't read about people vilifying their religion - and rightfully so. So why the double standards? 

No, This is a simple case of fascism directed towards one religion. People have and will continue to hijack various scriptures to wield their own agendas. Just because the older generations relied on the Bible to hold that people of African heritage were inferior, and systematically conducted violent assaults against them; and some members of Congress opposed Lincoln's push for the abolition of slavery does not mean all white people or Christians are racist; it does not mean that Christianity is a racist religion. It clearly demonstrates that some of the so-called followers of Christianity are ethically decayed.

Given this is a 'human rights' blog, the relevance here is the protected human right to freedom of conscience and the right to religion without fear of persecution thereof.

The problem is ignorance, and nothing more. Educate, read facts, not sensationalist posts. I can't blame you for thinking Islam is what it is thanks to misguided thugs and criminal organizations; but I can blame you for falling for unfounded sensationalist propaganda, without conducting a few minutes of reading from authentic sources, instead of emotive pictures and one-liners found on networking groups; or the tabloids come to that matter.


  1. Totally Agree with ur Opinion. . Educate, Read Facts .. So anybody can think in a logic n has a mind

  2. Swimming against stream , a tough act to follow

  3. Swimming against stream, a tough act to follow